How to select all images of only one file type in Darktable


Darktable is an amazing free software for working with images, it gives us great results and it is open source. I really recommend it to everyone who is passionate about photography. Here I will give you just one simple tip how to select all JPG images, or RAW, or any other file type if we want for example do batch processing or export all images of that choosen file type.

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How to type Chinese pinyin with tone marks in Ubuntu 14.04.


Here I will explain you how can we type Chinese pinyin with tone marks, like this:

bā bá bǎ bà

It was very hard for me to find what settings makes it possible, but I found we can do it by using ibus-m17n package. I will explain how to install it and configure, but if you know any better solution, like for example, maybe it is also possible in Sogou (most popular app in China for typing pinyin), please let me know in comments.

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